<h1><span style="color: #f08819;">DAINEL</span>&nbsp;AC-R</h1>


Dainel AC-R is a pressure sensitive flock film on a paper liner that can be cut by cutting plotter or other methods. With Dainel AC-R you can create stickers or wall decoration with an incomparable surface.
Therefore Dainel AC-R is also used in many other areas such as in the book-binding or production of packaging.


Joint designs can be applied without application tape. Not connected designs are applied with FlockTape or another strong adhesive application tape.

Dainel AC-R has a medium tack and can be removed from most surfaces without residue within 6 months.


Carrier: Siliconpaper
PSA: Acrylate-based
Adhesive: PVC-based
Fibers: Viskose
Thickness (without carrier): 450 μ

Adhesion force: 6,5 - 10,6 N/100mm


packaging cm orange packaging meter orange

50 cm 

10 m