Washing Fastness

Our soft, thin and stretchable films offer a very good washing fastness.
For our "print & cut" films we always recommend washing inside out, using mild detergents without bleach or chlorine.

Adjusting heat transferring specifications to your needs

The heat transfer specification displayed in this website have been set to offer the best product performance.
However you can slightly "tweak" the transferring specifications to your needs
You can lower the temperature for sensitive fabrics and compensate by increasing time & pressure.
You can also reduce transferring time by increasing temperature & pressure.

Keep in mind that the temperature displayed by your heat press may not always be accurate, the actual temperature can be quite different, affecting the films performance.

Pre-pressing & post-pressing

Pre & post pressing are usually not needed, however, if fabrics contain too much moisture, a short pre-pressing can result in a better and more sustainable transfer.
If needed, you can increase the washing fastness of some of our printable films, such as Tatoo and Graffiti, with a short post-pressing right after peeling the transfer tape,10 to 15 seconds.


Scan or create a digital vector image.


Print the image on the material with an ink jet printer.

cutting plotter

Using a cutting plotter, cut your design.

heat press

Weed the material and apply with a heat press.