Cutting adjustment tips

Refer to our cutting recommendation specific to each material type prior to production.
Always do a Test Cut to ensure proper cutting blade depth, pressure and offset specific to the material and degree of blade used, i.e. 30, 45 or 60◦ degree.
Speed of the cutting machine can also be changed to provide better cutting performance.  Slowing the cutting speed down can support better cutting of detailed graphics and also thicker materials.

Adjusting the cutting blade extension from in the blade holder is very important.
You do not want the blade to extend out too far as this can result in possibly cutting through the films carrier and possible damage the blade and the cutting strip.  The cutting blade should only extend slightly more than the thickness of the material.

Blade Holder

The drag knife blade holder is a very important part of your plotter.
The ball-bearing of your blade holder needs a drop of oil once in a while so the blade swivels properly.

Cutting Strip

Check your cutting strip regularly.
For better cutting performance the cutting strip surface must remain smooth.  Too many scratches would and or groves can make fine cutting more difficult.

  create 2

Scan or create a digital vector image.

cutting plotter 2 

Cut a mirror-image of your design on a plotter-cutting machine.

heat press 3 

Apply with an electric press accordind to the instructions.