<h1><span style="color: #069ce8;">TATOO</span></h1>


One of the thinnest and softest 100% PU printable films you can find! Tatoo is an opaque polyurethane film.
Very light, very stretchable with high washing fastness. Suitable for eco-solvent and solvent printing. Tatoo has a silk-matt surface and is PVC free.


Printing Tatoo

Choose the right profile, for Roland printers for example the TTRH – Garment Heat Transfer profile. Switch of the heating, it will dry fast anyway.

Cutting Tatoo

In case of small details to be cut in areas with a lot of ink, try to cut first, return to base point and print then. This is not a standard procedure, but it actually works very well.

Fastness of Tatoo 

In order to achieve maximum washing fastness with Tatoo we recommend a re-pressing after peeling off the tape, with the Tatoo graphic in direct contact with the heat press. You can re-press Tatoo without any protective material, Tatoo will not stick or transfer inks to the heat press.


> Opaque flex film with incredible touch
> Waterbased PU
> Thickness (without liner): 60μ
> Printable with Ecosolvent and Solvent Inks

> Transfer Temperature: 165°C (330°F)
> Transfer Time: 7 seconds + 15 seconds repressing without the tape (direct contact with the press)
> Pressure: Medium/High Fastness: 60°C


> Transfer Temperature: 165°C (330°F)
> Transfer Time: 17 seconds
> Pressure: Medium/High
> Fastness: 40°C



packaging cm blue   packaging meter blue

 50 cm (19,7“)

 10 meters (10,9 yd)

 50 cm (19,7“)

 25 meters (27.3 yd)

 75 cm (29,5“)

 10 meters (10,9 yd)

 75 cm (29,5“)

 25 meters (27.3 yd)


Application - Coton


Application - Polyester